A site of branded content in Google News

Published on 17/07/2014

Can a brand fund an important news programme, a means of communication? The answer is clear: of course.


This is the case of Empresa Actual, a site covering breaking news and resources from INFORMA D & B. It was created as an online branded content space or, in other words, as a platform from which to provide the Informa and eInforma community with useful information. However, it has gone far beyond that. Despite being an initiative sponsored by the brand, it has no invasive presence, as its intention is to provide interesting information to a specialized community around the business-information world: information, statistics, studies, data, interviews and first-class opinions.

Its consolidation has arrived only six months after its launch, as Empresa Actual has been recognized as a means of communication by the news aggregator Google News. That means that, according to Google -whose credibility as quality-content manager is unquestionable- it meets the criteria: it organizes news and makes them available to users while also providing the best possible experience for those seeking an information service that offers useful and up-to-date news. The value proposition of Empresa Actual is the following: being fair, being consistent and clearly emphasising on the quality of the different contents and formats. This is not incompatible with being sponsored by a brand, as the clients and contributors who use this platform to make their voices heard are experts in their fields and, therefore, their say will be interesting.

Empresa Actual, just like any other communication method, provides relevant news for the audience of the Google News channel, fulfilling journalistic standards such as originality and the correct identification of the sources, fundamental journalistic values. It also has authority. That is, the brand offers a prescriber value because it informs with clear and concise data about issues “it knows a great deal about”: management, economics, business or online environment among others. And always from a friendly perspective which democratizes  the understanding of economic data to all users with access to the site. In addition, it cares greatly about issues that are often taken for granted, although not always as common to see, such as clarity and grammar and lexical accuracy. These improve theuser’s experience.


Six months after the launch of Empresa Actual, it can claim to be a means of communication that is fulfilling the original intent of providing valuable information. It was born with the aim of also collaborating with journalism professionals by offering a data center with easy and convenient access to all kinds of statistics and information of interest to the business world. However, it has gone much further, as in addition to improving the SEO-positioning of the brand in the online environment, it reinforces the knowledge and authority of the brand day after day.

Erika Díaz de Argandoña, Account executive. B2B Communication Division