Alberto Lahoz analyses lobbies and the digital challenge that #OndaClub faces

Published on 04/11/2014

On the  14th of October, Alberto Lahoz, evercom’s Public Affairs manager, took part in the radio program #OndaClub of the PR Noticias group. Together with other experts, Alberto talked about how new technologies have brought infinite opportunities to the business creation process.  However, with the regulation of the activities in the digital economy world, new  challenges have arisen; challenges that neither the regulatory authorities nor the State had faced before.

This is the reason why many companies related to online businesses are willing to embrace the lobby and public affairs world. All in order to obtain aproval and have their activities within the legal parameters.

Uber and Twitter are some of the examples of online businesses that have started to count on public affairs experts so that their activities stop being in the Internet limbo.

ALberto Lahoz

To listen to Alberto Lahoz, click here.