Alfafar Parc entrusts Evercom with its communication plan to attract new flagships after IKEA’s opening

Published on 30/09/2014

The Urban Interest Association Alfafar Parc has entrusted Evercom with the development of its communication plan in order to contribute to the commercialisation of one of the biggest business parks in Spain nowadays.

Since June, Alfafar Parc is home to the first IKEA centre in the Valencia region. Now, in this second phase, the aim is to continue attracting new flagships to the park in order to increase its visibility and to generate allure among medium-sized stores.

To this purpose, Evercom will drive the communication and the relations between the media and Alfafar Parc. The agency has also created a webpage with business facts and general information to contribute online to the commercialisation and the visibility of the park.

In fact, two new contracts have just been signed. The first with Establiments Viena – a quality fast-food chain based on traditional European recipes- and the second with Ofiárea – stores specialized in stationery, school material and reprography.

The plan has been designed by Evercom’s B2B Communication division, who will implement it together with Quick Expansion, the company in charge of the commercialisation of the spaces.

With a total surface of 223,000 square metres, Alfafar Parc is currently one of the biggest parks in the course of commercialisation in Spain. Located 8.4 km away from the centre of Valencia, it has a predicted attendance of 3 million visitors per year.

About Alfafar Parc

Located in Alfafar, a town 8.4 kilometres away from the centre of Valencia, the park is in an influence area of nearly two million people when adding those living in the capital and those in the neighbouring villages. It has direct access from both directions of the V-31 motorway. The traffic plan has meant the construction of 98,000 square metres between paths, car parks and overpasses.

Alfafar Parc is a sustainable business space thought to be balanced, not overcrowded. It is mainly destined for medium-sized stores, becoming thus part of the most promising trend currently on the market.