Collaboration umbrella agreement signed between the Hotel Technological Institute and evercom

Published on 28/10/2014

Juan Molas, president of the ITH (Spanish acronym for Hotel Technological Institute) and of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Turistic Accomodations (CEHAT in Spanish) and Antón Alvarez, founding partner of evercom, signed an agreement that will encourage the dissemination of knowledge about technology, sustainability and innovationn for the hotel and turism industry.

The Hotel Technological Institute (ITH) and evercom, the communication consultancy agency, have reached a collaboration agreement according to which evercom will be ITH’s PR partner at a corporate level, in the fields of training and strategic consultancy.

Juan Molas, president of the Hotel Technological Institute, has highlighted that “this agreement is part of the strategies carried out to strengthen the image of ITH, a key institution when shedding light onto the advances of technologies and innovation within the hotel industry, which is an economic driving force and an internationalization pillar of the Spanish business sector”.

Antón Álvarez, founding partner of evercom, has emphasized that “communicating innovation and Spanish hotel sector trends is a window opened to the opportunity of supporting the Spanish hotel industry positionning. Spain is an international reference in a sector which provides tourism industry businesspeople with great challenges in order for them to improve. Some of these challenges are sustainability, training, technology and energy efficiency”.


About ITH

ITH, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is an institution affiliated to the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Turistic Accomodations (CEHAT in Spanish) whose goal is to promote the use of new technologies and management systems. These systems will help with the improvement of the competitiveness and the sustainability of companies linked to the tourism and hotel industry. ITH, as innovation centre for the tourism and hotel business sector, carries out two main tasks: knowledge management and innovative projects development. ITH works in four different strategic key lines for the tourism and hotel sector: New Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Environment and Innovation.