Do you know what social shopping is?

Published on 23/06/2014

It is the perfect combination. An explosive cocktail that does nothing but bring benefits to both companies and users. We are talking about social commerce, also known as social shopping or shopping 2.0, a set of web platforms in which social networks and e-commerce are the main characters.


Of all the characteristics that social shopping embraces, we would highlight the high level of interaction between the company and the user. Years ago, e-commerce was just about placing the product on a web platform, adding a brief description and waiting for the client to fall in love with it. However, after the emergence of the social network phenomenon, a new feature has been added.  Nowadays, users have platforms where they can see and analyse the recommendations from consumers who have already purchased the product.

These platforms are indeed very practical for both businesses and end users, keeping the latter from being lost in a swamp of questions. Will this device be useful? Which are its advantages, compared to those of the competition? Is it true that if I spill some water on it nothing will happen? All the issues that might come to mind when thinking about buying a product will be solved.


Thus, and thanks to being so useful, social commerce is already a phenomenon. Its key? The recommendations and comments from users. And not only that, but also the support of the several reference bloggers or influencers involved in the tool. It is they who boost consumers’ trust. Moreover, most of the social networks allow the users to translate their comments there and then, thus expanding that opinion among their people and making it even more viral.

Yes or no?

It depends on what the buyer is looking for. If you are someone who needs to read different opinions before making your purchase, you are a born social shopper and you should take a look at some of these platforms. However, if you are certain about your criteria and the information provided by the brand is enough for you, you do not need to be addicted to social shopping, but you should have it in mind for future purchases.

There are hundreds of social shopping platforms these days. If we say Pinterest, Moodyo or Nuji, do they ring a bell? Sure they do!

And you, are you part of the social shopping phenomenon?

Javier Morera, Accounts executive. Consumer Products & Health Communication Division