evercom in media

On the  14th of October, Alberto Lahoz, evercom’s Public Affairs manager, took part in the radio program #OndaClub of the PR Noticias group. Together with other experts, Alberto talked about how new technologies have brought infinite opportunities to the business creation process.  However, with the regulation of the activities in the digital economy world, new  challenges have arisen; challenges that neither the regulatory authorities nor the State had faced before.

This is the reason why many companies related to online businesses are willing to embrace the lobby and public affairs world. All in order to obtain aproval and have their activities within the legal parameters.

Uber and Twitter are some of the examples of online businesses that have started to count on public affairs experts so that their activities stop being in the Internet limbo.

ALberto Lahoz

To listen to Alberto Lahoz, click here.

María Onda Mujer


On the 27th of October, María Bautista, Consultant in the Consumption and Health division of evercom, was interviewed in the program La Costilla de Adán of Onda Mujer.

María talked about a study carried out by evercom that explains how fashion and style brands are neglecting their communication in specialized media; something which benefits bloggers. This outlook analysis has been published in different specialized websites, where the fact that big fashion brands barely pass their communication management has been highlighted.

 You can hear the interview by clicking here.

Laura Díaz Capital Radio


On the 22nd of October, Laura Díaz Bettarel, the Accounts Manager in the Financial Communication division of evercom, was a guest in the radio program After Work of Capital Radio. Laura explained in detail the type of communication that the investment-fund management companies should do. She also pointed out how evercom helps these entities to approach their clients and to position themselves before their investors.

You can hear the interview by clicking here.

On Wednesday 17th of September, Alberto Lahoz, Public Affairs manager at evercom, was a guest in the radio programme After Work of Capital Radio.

Alberto explained thoroughly what Public Affairs strategies consist of and how evercom designs procedures and alliances to help our clientes with their Public Affairs division.

To listen to Albert Lahoz, click here (minute 42:30).

On the 10th of September, Juan Gabriel Corral, Manager of the B2B Communication Division, took part in the program After Work of Capital Radio. He talked about the communication strategy of the Santander Bank after the recent passing of its president, Emilio Botín. He discussed the role that  Botín played in the strengthening of the “Spain brand”.

Juan Gabriel Corral

To listen to Juan Gabriel Corral, click here (minute 57).

Like every Wednesday, evercom takes part in the radio program After Work of Capital Radio. This time, it was Irene de la Casa’s turn to explain some of the key trends in communication.

The account manager of the Health and Comsumer Products Division explained, among other topics, the importance of new channels and recently arisen communication agents, such as bloggers.

To listen to her participation, click here (minute 1:05).

On the 16th of July, Alberte Santos, Partner & CEO of evercom, participated in the program After Work of Capital Radio to talk about finantial communication. He also explained how vital it is that this communication be proactive in order to generate trust in the consumer.

To listen to Alberte Santos, click here (minute 0:59).

On Wednesday June 25th, Antón Álvarez, Partner and Manager of the Corporate Communication and Public Affairs division in evercom, participated as a guest on the radio show After Work, on Capital Radio.

evercom in After Work, the radio programme

During the programme, our manager had the opportunity to comment on what the latest trends in corporate communication are and on how the latter is today an indisputable tool for the growth and the competitiveness of enterprises.

To listen to Antón Álvarez, click here (minute 31:00).

On Wednesday 2nd of July, Juan Gabriel Corral, manager of the B2B Communication Division, was interviewed on the radio program After Work, in Capital Radio. He had the opportunity to explain what B2B communication is all about and how evercom has created Businesscomm, a set of solutions tailored to create leads with the help of communications and public relations.

To listen to the interview, click here (minute 1:04)