The INC chooses Evercom to lead its international communication strategy

Published on 25/09/2014

The International Nut & Dried Fruit Council (INC) will entrust Evercom with the design and implementation of its International Communication Plan. Evercom is one of the leading independent consulting firms in the Communication and Public Relations field in the Spanish market.

Evercom wins thus the tender to manage an account that involves the design and implementation at an international level of the Annual Communication and Public Relations Plan in America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. An ambitious project which will draw special attention to the pillars of corporate comunication: product, health and science. The plan also encompasses the communication of the participation and organization of different international congresses and forums, such as the ‘XXXIV World Nut & Dried Fruit Congress 2015’, which will take place in Antalya (Turkey).

Alberte Santos, CEO of Evercom, highlights how valuable the ability to manage a global international project with an interdisciplinary team is. He also underlines that the synergy between the agency and the INC is solid in the area where the latter’s headquarters are. “INC’s project is one of the most interesting communication challenges at the present time. It is undoubtely a great opportunity to strengthen the communication of one of the most important councils worldwide and to reinforce its position as leader in research”.


About INC          

The International Nut & Dried Fruit Council (INC) has its headquarters in Reus (Tarragona, Spain) and groups nearly 700 professionals of the nut sector throughout the five continents. Together, they represent 70% of the sector’s world industry.

Funded in 1982, the INC focusses its activity on several tasks: the innovation of production techniques, the research and study of consumption and safety trends, the encouragement of nut consumption worldwide and the aim to continue to be a reference at an institutional and marketing level, guaranteeing high-quality standards and monitoring procedures.

The INC is the international nut and dried fruit reference in terms of health, nutrition, food safety, trends, sector statistics, research and governmental regulations. All in order to guarantee the international trade standards.