Infographics or how to artistically tell a story

Published on 24/07/2014

In the wonderful world of communication agencies, one of the daily challenges we face is generating messages about the brand that are sufficiently interesting, not only for the media but also for the target audience of our clients.

In these cases we can use many tools among which computer graphics is included. It is an ideal resource to provide certain contents with added value, as it enables us to broadcast data, statements and findings through witty illustrations that should:

  • Create compelling stories around content wich, at a first glance, might seem technical and boring. For example, to explain the formation of steel or major milestones such as production, recycling or utility.

INFOGRAPHIC about steel

  • Promote the understanding and memorizing of the message, as Tulipán did to publish data drawn from its own study about baking in Spain.


  • Invite users to share content on social networks. This is something that probably all coffee-lovers have done with this infographic that creatively explains the most characteristic aspects of this drink.


And although design is a key issue in computer graphics, content is no runner-up. Before proposing this channel, the topics that will shape the scheme should be choosen. We should always try to tell a story that flows naturally and avoid giving unconnected bits of information, which is what mostly happens.

This requires selecting the most interesting data that can help the users draw their own conclusions. Once this is underway, we should seek advice from a professional designer. He can then suggest the most effective methods to redirect the attention of readers towards the data we want them to retain.

This will get people to respond better to the information we are providing, to put a face to the messages they are receiving, to generate a link with the content and to share it. In addition, using infographics to get to the media is also very positive: first, it is a more original way to tell our story and second, infographics are truly welcomed, especially now that the media have less space to publish.

Whichever the case, several tips on how to create interesting infographics can be found on the Internet. And if you need inspiration, we recommend this collection of the most popular infographics of the net. Priceless!

Jara Expósito. Account executive. Consumer Products & Health Division