What role do employees play in a Social Media strategy?

Published on 04/09/2014

Employees in a Social Media strategy

Employees’ use of social media has always been highly questioned by managers. In fact, today many companies restrict access to these platforms either through penalties or simply by prohibiting the access with a computer filter. In addition, if we ask about these procedures, the most widespread claim is that if access to these channels is restricted, workers’ productivity improves. 

It is an eternal debate, but what is undeniable is that employees are the best ambassadors of a brand or company and their involvement in the online marketing strategy is vital to make some more noise and get visibility and engagement. Imagine a corporate account of a small company on any social network. If original and valuable content is written and then shared by the employees themselves, the news-impact is exponentially multiplied.

That said, it would seem logical that any SME with presence in social networks should invite their employees to join their social profiles and participate in them. The company just has to make sure that this doesn’t end up being an imposed activity: that would be a mistake.

Therefore, we recommend to first develop a clear strategy and plan the level of involvement and interaction that the employees of the company will have with the social profiles of the company. A target that must never, as we said, be left out of any Social Media strategy.

One of the most interesting recent examples is the guide for employees of the news agency EFE. One of the strategies within is to encourage employees to use social networks; just as long as there is a clear distinction between professional accounts and personal accounts.

José Daniel Soto Soto, Account executive. Corporate & Social Network Division