Unilever relies on Evercom for the social media management of Flora and Flora pro.activ

Published on 27/01/2014

Unilever has chosen Evercom to manage and boost the social media profiles of its brands Flora and Flora pro.activ. The Consumer & Health Division of evercom, coordinated from the Barcelona office, will be in charge of the community management of both brands of margarine, one of the most important business divisions in Unilever.

Evercom has continued with the work in social media initiated by Unilever to bring the brand Flora to the consumer. In addition, the agency has created a specific profile for the brand Flora pro.activ in order to reach the target audience and consumers of each brand through their own and distinct profiles.

Evercom has been working with Unilever since January 2014 and does so with the goal of increasing and consolidating a community which finds in social networks its meeting point with the brand, its products and its values.