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Published on 26/06/2014

Happiness is one of the main productivity factors and the intangible asset humans long for the most. The UN General Assembly has joined those already raising awareness of people’s welfare by celebrating the International Day of Happiness. The analysed factors are GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, wether people have someone to lean on, the perception of how free one is to make decisions, freedom from corruption and generosity.

trabajadores felices

According to the latest UN report, happy people manage to live longer, are more productive in their lives and are generally better citizens. Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden lead the happiest countries’ list.

The University of Waterloo measured the happiness of Canada, taking into account health, education, culture, community involvement, leisure and democratic health. There are also those who dream of making a trip to a country in the Himalayas: Bhutan, a country that claims to have the highest rate of gross happiness in the world. The links beween these studies are personal wellbeing and social equity.

When translating this pursuit of happiness into the business world, we see that many companies have understood that their employees’ motivation is key to improving productivity and results. In order to achieve this motivation, they have developed strategies to win back the enthusiasm and motivation through efficient management tools or by improving internal communication.

 How is employee happiness measured?

The search is on for more human, transparent brands who accept mistakes and show the people behind the work. Measuring the satisfaction of their staff is an important indicator for companies. Therefore, new concepts related to motivation forces arise: in recent years, changing the term “boss” to “leader” has been successful for creating a better environment for teamwork. Nowadays, the progression is to talk about CHOs (Chief Happiness Officers).

CHOs are change managers who inspire their teams, share successes and are eager to talk about “us” and to generate dynamic environments. They also strive for the exchange of knowledge and for the engagement with the nearest public: the internal one.

All these factors contribute to having happy and productive professionals. Productivity has nothing to do with working more, but with working better. Growing is as important as making the intangible assets the most valuable assets of all. HR expert writer Maria Graziani says, “the difference between people lies in the attitude, that’s the key to getting the best “CLIMAte” (MArvellous CLIents, both internal and external).

Cristina Murgas, Accounts Manager. Corporate & PPAA Communication Division